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Falls from height are the most common cause of fatal injury & the second most common cause of major injuries, accounting for around 15% of all such injuries. The Work at Height Regulations 2005 apply to all work at height where there is a risk of a fall liable to cause personal injury, either at or below ground level. They place duties on employers, the self-employed & any person who controls the work of others (eg facilities managers or building owners who may contract others to work at height) to the extent they control the work. All persons involved in Working at Height must be trained in the use & care of the equipment. A risk assessment must be carried out before Working at Height & this must include a rescue procedure.

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Value Fall ArrestHarnessesSpecial Large Size HarnessesPositioning Belts
Value Fall Arrest


Special Large Size Harnesses

Positioning Belts

Fall Restraint LanyardsFall Arrest LanyardsFall Arrest and Restraint KitsBlocks
Fall Restraint Lanyards

Fall Arrest Lanyards

Fall Arrest and Restraint Kits


Ascender SystemsRopesRope Grabs, Ascenders, Descenders and PulleysKarabiners
Ascender Systems


Rope Grabs, Ascenders, Descenders and Pulleys


Aluminium KarabinersLifelinesAccessoriesShort Peak Hard Hats
Aluminium Karabiners



Short Peak Hard Hats

Linesman Hard HatsTool LanyardsTripods and WinchesAccess Platforms
Linesman Hard Hats

Tool Lanyards

Tripods and Winches

Access Platforms

Anchor PointsMiller Fall Arrest and Restraint KitIkar Fall ArrestSala Safety
Anchor Points

Miller Fall Arrest and Restraint Kit

Ikar Fall Arrest

Sala Safety

SAR ProductsKratos SafetyClimax
SAR Products

Kratos Safety


Working at Height Equipment

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