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Ambersil -  Label Remover - 200ml - [AB-31629-AA]
Removes all Types of Self Adhesive Labels From Equipment - Quickly Breaks Down Adhesive...
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SKU: AB-31629-AA
Ambersil - 40+ - Protective Lubricant - 400ml - [AB-31563-AA]
Provides a Waterproof Coating Protects Against Moisture Attack Humidity and Oxidisation...
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SKU: AB-31563-AA
Ambersil - Amberclens - Anti-Static Foaming Cleaner - [AB-31592-AA]
Amberclens Anti-static Foaming Cleaner A Multipurpose - Anti-static Foaming Cleaner...
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SKU: AB-31592-AA
Ambersil - Ambergrease EXL - 400G - [AB-30304-AB]
A Premium Quality - Extremely Stable Lithium-Calcium - Multi-complex Soap Thickened...
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SKU: AB-30304-AB
Ambersil - Amberklene FE10 - Fast Drying Solvent - [AB-31553-AA]
A Fast Evaporating Solvent Blend Which Contains no CFCs or Other Chlorinated Solvents...
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SKU: AB-31553-AA
Ambersil - Amberklene LO30 - Low Odour Solvent - [AB-31555-AA]
Use for General Degreasing on Bearings Drives Motors Gears and Chains but Without...
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SKU: AB-31555-AA
Ambersil - Ambersolv SB1 - Citrus Based Solvent Cleaner - [AB-31598-AA]
The Product Offers all the Natural Cleaning Power of Citrus Oils and Contains no...
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SKU: AB-31598-AA
Ambersil - Assembly Paste FG - NSF H1 Registred - Food Processing Safe - 400ml - [AB-31587-AA]
Tenacious High Solids Paste Formulated Specifically for Use in the Food Industry...
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SKU: AB-31587-AA
Ambersil - Break Cleaner - 500ml - [AB-30282-AA]
A Powerful Non-chlorinated Solvent Blend Formulated to Quickly and Safely Remove...
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SKU: AB-30282-AA
Ambersil - Bright Cold Galvanise - 400ml - [AB-30292-AA]
Bright Cold Galvanise Weathers Naturally Mimicking the Natural Hot-dip Galvanise...
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SKU: AB-30292-AA
Ambersil - CCL100 - Contact Cleaner Lubricant - 400ml - [AB-31889-AA]
A Versatile Product for Use on Electrical Contacts and Switchgear - Used by Automotive...
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SKU: AB-31889-AA
Ambersil - Chain Lube FG - Food Processing Safe - 400ml - [AB-30245-AA]
NSF H1 Chain Lubricant Fortified With PTFE - Ideal for Conveyor Chains - Chain Drives...
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SKU: AB-30245-AA
Ambersil - Chainspray - 400ml - [AB-31575-AA]
Use on All Types of Chain and Drives Including Conveyors - Door Mechanisms - Quarry...
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SKU: AB-31575-AA
Ambersil - Cold Galvanise - 400ml - [AB-30291-AA]
Provides Cathodic Protection to Steel - Ideal for Pipes - Housings and Structural...
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SKU: AB-30291-AA
Ambersil - Contact Cleaner FG - Food Proccessing Safe - 400ml - [AB-31588-AA]
Specifically Designed for Electrical Maintenance in the Food Industry Particularly...
Our Price:
SKU: AB-31588-AA
Ambersil - Copper Anti-Sieze Paste - 400ml - [AB-30303-AA]
Based on Micronised Copper Powder and Synergistic Anti-oxydant Anti-corrosion and...
Our Price:
SKU: AB-30303-AA
Ambersil - Dry PTFE Lube FG - NSF H1 Registered - Food Processing Safe - 400ml - [AB-31589-AA]
NSF H1 Registered Dry PTFE Lubricant - Use for the Lubrication of Chutes - Slides...
Our Price:
SKU: AB-31589-AA
Ambersil - Food Grease - Food Processing Safe - 400ml - [AB-30259-AA]
NSF Lubricant - Useful for Limited Acces Areas - Use on Plain Bearing - Hinges and...
Our Price:
SKU: AB-30259-AA
Ambersil - Gear And Wire Lube - 400ml - [AB-31583-AA]
Ideal for Open Gears Industy Environments Where the Dry Film Will not Attract Dust...
Our Price:
SKU: AB-31583-AA
Ambersil - Industrial Degreaser FG - NSF A8 and K1 Registered - Food Proccessing Safe - 500ml - [AB-30251-AA]
Use Where a Fast Drying Time and High Solvency Power is Required - Dissolves Grease...
Our Price:
SKU: AB-30251-AA
Ambersil - Leak Detector - Water Based - 400ml - [AB-31633-AA]
Spray on Gaseous Pipes and Joins to Identify Leaks - Ideal for Preventative Maintenance...
Our Price:
SKU: AB-31633-AA
Ambersil - Paint And Graffiti Remover - 400ml - [AB-31630-AA]
Particularly Useful for Hard Nonporous Surfaces Such as Walls Tiles Ceramics and...
Our Price:
SKU: AB-31630-AA
Ambersil - Penetrating Oil - Anti-Siezed - 400ml - [AB-30240-AA]
Use as a Highly Effective Release Agent for Seized Fasteners - Particularly Bolts...
Our Price:
SKU: AB-30240-AA
Ambersil - PX24 - Multi-purpose Lubricant - 400ml - [AB-31565-AA]
Exceptional Multi-purpose Lubricant Formulated to Military Specifications - Wide...
Our Price:
SKU: AB-31565-AA
Ambersil - Silicone Lubricant - 500ml - Not to Be Used Indoors - [AB-31631-AA]
A General Purpose - Medium Duty Silicone Lubricant Which Exhibits Excellent Anti-stick...
Our Price:
SKU: AB-31631-AA
Ambersil - Spray Adhesive MP100 - 500ml - [AB-31624-AA]
Ideal for Sticking Upholstery - Soundproofing and Carpet Tiles - Volume of Spray...
Our Price:
SKU: AB-31624-AA
Ambersil - Tufcut Liquid - 350ml - [AB-31580-AA]
A Metal Cutting Lubricant With Extreme Pressure Additives to Improve Finish and Reduce...
Our Price:
SKU: AB-31580-AA
Ambersil - Tufcut Spray - 400ml - [AB-31579-AA]
Tufcut Offers Outstanding Performance for Turning - Drilling - Reaming - Tapping...
Our Price:
SKU: AB-31579-AA
Ambersil - Universal Screen Cleaner - [AB-30236-AA]
Removes Grime and Finger Marks From Control VDU Online Status Screens and all Monitors...
Our Price:
SKU: AB-30236-AA
Ambersil - White Spray Grease - 500ml - [AB-31617-AA]
A Tenacious and Long Lasting White Grease for the Lubrication of Hinges - Tracks...
Our Price:
SKU: AB-31617-AA
Ambersil - Tough Wipes - Pack of 30 - [AB-30766-AA]
Super High Absorbency Hand Wipes Over-layered with an Effective Polymer Web to Give...
Our Price:
SKU: AB-30766-AA
Ambersil - Aqua Marker Paint - Blue - [AB-32052-AA]
The Water-based Paint Forms a Bright Mark or Line as Required Even on Dark and Damp...
Our Price:
SKU: AB-32052-AA
Ambersil - Aqua Marker Paint - Yellow - [AB-32051-AA]
Based on Water and Removing all Solvents Considered Harmful Aqua Paint Marker Drastically...
Our Price:
SKU: AB-32051-AA
Ambersil - Galva Colour - Black - 500ml - [AB-20679-AA]
Particularly Suited to Surfaces Requiring Painting That have Less Than Perfect Surfaces...
Our Price:
SKU: AB-20679-AA
Ambersil - Galva Colour - Red - 500ml - [AB-20674-AA]
Particularly Suited to Surfaces Requiring Painting That have Less Than Perfect Surfaces...
Our Price:
SKU: AB-20674-AA
Ambersil - Galva Colour - White - 500ml - [AB-20681-AA]
Particularly Suited to Surfaces Requiring Painting That have Less Than Perfect Surfaces...
Our Price:
SKU: AB-20681-AA
Ambersil - Galva Colour - Yellow - 500ml - [AB-20673-AA]
Particularly Suited to Surfaces Requiring Painting That have Less Than Perfect Surfaces...
Our Price:
SKU: AB-20673-AA
Ambersil - Engineers Wipes - Low Lint Cleaning Wipes - Pack of 50 Wipes - [AB-31797-AA]
Excellent Wet Strength - Resists Tearing - Highly Absorbent - Suitable for Water...
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SKU: AB-31797-AA

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