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EN 471 is the European standard for High visibility clothing & Hi Vis jackets. Garments are grouped into three classes. Class 1 is lowest protection level where advanced visibility is an advantage but for minimal risk purposes. Class 2 is intermediate protection and typically would apply to Hi-Vis waistcoats. Class 3 is the highest protection level. This would apply to Hi-Vis jackets. Please contact us if you have specific Hi-Vis requirements such as unusual sizes or if you would like printing of your company name / logo onto garments. Vital for ensuring the safety of outdoor workers. Applications vary greatly and include traffic, security clothing, emergency services and construction. At The Safety Supply Company we aim to supply an economical range of Hi-Vis garments that meet critical visibility requirements while maintaining user comfort.

Sub Categories
Hi Vis Value RangeHi Vis Essentials All Yellow Hi-Vis All Orange Hi-Vis Including Rail & Underground
Hi Vis Value Range

Hi Vis Essentials

All Yellow Hi-Vis

All Orange Hi-Vis Including Rail & Underground

Executive and LuxuryBreathable Hi-VisLadies Hi-VisGORE-TEX & Ultimate Hi Vis
Executive and Luxury

Breathable Hi-Vis

Ladies Hi-Vis

GORE-TEX & Ultimate Hi Vis

PulsarailPulsarAll Other Colour Hi-VisAll Mixed Colour Hi-Vis


All Other Colour Hi-Vis

All Mixed Colour Hi-Vis

All Hi-Vis BodywarmersAll Hi-Vis VestsAll Hi-Vis JacketsAll Orange Hi-Vis Trousers
All Hi-Vis Bodywarmers

All Hi-Vis Vests

All Hi-Vis Jackets

All Orange Hi-Vis Trousers

All Yellow Hi-Vis TrousersAll Hi Vis CoverallsAll Hi Vis Polos, T-Shirts & SweatshirtsAll Red Brace Hi Vis
All Yellow Hi-Vis Trousers

All Hi Vis Coveralls

All Hi Vis Polos, T-Shirts & Sweatshirts

All Red Brace Hi Vis

Chainsaw Hi VisAll Hi-Viz Accessories All Pre-Printed Hi VisAll Essential Personnel Hi Vis Garments
Chainsaw Hi Vis

All Hi-Viz Accessories

All Pre-Printed Hi Vis

All Essential Personnel Hi Vis Garments

Security Hi VisAll ChildrenAll Hi-Vis SignageArm Bands
Security Hi Vis

All Children's Hi-Vis

All Hi-Vis Signage

Arm Bands

Illuminated Hi-VisHi Vis Sport RangeHi Vis GlovesAll Hi-Vis Bags
Illuminated Hi-Vis

Hi Vis Sport Range

Hi Vis Gloves

All Hi-Vis Bags

All Orange Hi-Vis Waistcoat
All Orange Hi-Vis Waistcoat

Hi Vis Clothing

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