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Our massive range of Safety Gloves offer high protection levels at extremely economical prices. Gloves are critical for protection in a wide range of industries. At The Safety Supply Company we aim to supply the correct glove for any application. Every glove on this site is in stock.

EN388 is a standard that applies to all kinds of protective gloves giving protection from mechanical risks in respect of physical problems caused by abrasion, blade cut, puncture or tearing. This standard also covers the risk of electrostatic discharge. Most of our gloves comply with EN388. Please click on the relevant category below to view the range.

Sub Categories
Value Range GlovesGeneral Use GlovesPU Dexterity GlovesFingerless Gloves
Value Range Gloves

General Use Gloves

PU Dexterity Gloves

Fingerless Gloves

Wet GlovesAnti Cut Gloves Level A2Anti Cut Gloves Level A3Anti Cut Gloves Level 4
Wet Gloves

Anti Cut Gloves Level A2

Anti Cut Gloves Level A3

Anti Cut Gloves Level 4

Anti Cut Gloves Level 5Anti Cut Gloves Level A8Leather Gloves Gloves Available in Small Sizes
Anti Cut Gloves Level 5

Anti Cut Gloves Level A8

Leather Gloves

Gloves Available in Small Sizes

Gauntlet GlovesArm Cut Protection GlovesWhole Arm Protection GlovesAnti Puncture Gloves
Gauntlet Gloves

Arm Cut Protection Gloves

Whole Arm Protection Gloves

Anti Puncture Gloves

Welding GlovesHeat EN407 GlovesElectrical GlovesCold Protection EN511 Gloves
Welding Gloves

Heat EN407 Gloves

Electrical Gloves

Cold Protection EN511 Gloves

Cryogenic Gloves - For Minus 120C and BelowWater Penetration EN374-1/2 GlovesChemical EN374-3 GlovesAnti-Vibration EN10819 Gloves
Cryogenic Gloves - For Minus 120C and Below

Water Penetration EN374-1/2 Gloves

Chemical EN374-3 Gloves

Anti-Vibration EN10819 Gloves

Chainsaw Protection GlovesFood Safe GlovesSecurity GlovesPremium Mechanics Style Gloves
Chainsaw Protection Gloves

Food Safe Gloves

Security Gloves

Premium Mechanics Style Gloves

Crush and Impact Protection GlovesDMF Free GlovesDriver GlovesStyle Safety Gloves
Crush and Impact Protection Gloves

DMF Free Gloves

Driver Gloves

Style Safety Gloves

Chainmail GlovesAntistatic GlovesRigger GlovesDisposable Gloves
Chainmail Gloves

Antistatic Gloves

Rigger Gloves

Disposable Gloves

Childrens GlovesHi Vis GlovesAll Black Protective GlovesAll Orange Protective Gloves
Childrens Gloves

Hi Vis Gloves

All Black Protective Gloves

All Orange Protective Gloves

All Red Protective GlovesAll White Protective GlovesAll Blue Protective GlovesAll Green Protective Gloves
All Red Protective Gloves

All White Protective Gloves

All Blue Protective Gloves

All Green Protective Gloves

Hand Protection SignageGlove Clip HoldersPlasters & Hand First AidTraffiGlove Gloves
Hand Protection Signage

Glove Clip Holders

Plasters & Hand First Aid

TraffiGlove Gloves

TurtleSkin GlovesAnsell GlovesShowa and Skytec GlovesPolyco Gloves
TurtleSkin Gloves

Ansell Gloves

Showa and Skytec Gloves

Polyco Gloves

Dewalt GlovesJCB GlovesATG Ultimate Comfort GlovesSealSkinz Total Waterproof Gloves
Dewalt Gloves

JCB Gloves

ATG Ultimate Comfort Gloves

SealSkinz Total Waterproof Gloves

Impacto GlovesSuperTouch GlovesJuba GlovesKeep Safe Gloves
Impacto Gloves

SuperTouch Gloves

Juba Gloves

Keep Safe Gloves

Wonder Grip GlovesPredator GlovesUVEX GlovesStop N
Wonder Grip Gloves

Predator Gloves

UVEX Gloves

Stop N' Go Gloves

Rostaing Gloves
Rostaing Gloves

Protective Gloves

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Ultimate Industrial Medium Duty Black Chemical Resistant 13 Inch Gauntlet - Conforms to EN420:2003+A1:2009	- Single - [UC-G/LHD30/BK-9]
Our price:
Portwest A100 Grip Glove Latex - ANSI Level 2 - Conforms to EN388 (3143) - Pair - PW-A100GNR
Our price:
Supertouch Polyethylene General Use Disposable Gloves - Pack of 50 Pairs - Clear - ST-13601
SKU: ST-13601
Our price:
Latex - Food Safe - Zephit VE210 Flocked Latex Cleaning Gloves - Conforms to EN388 (1010) & EN374-2-3  - Pair - LH-VE210RO
Our price:
Showa - Unsupported Nitrile Chemical Resistant & Food Safe Blue Gloves - Conforms to EN 420:2003+A1:2009 & EN 374-2:2014 - Pair - GL-SHO707D
Our price:
Nitrile - Showa 731 Protective Gloves - Length 355mm - EN388 2001 EN374-2 EN 374 - GL-SHO7310
Our price:
Polyco Grip It Oil Gauntlet C1 Blue/Black Gloves - 35cm - EN388 EN407 EN1149 - Pair - [BM-GIOG1]
Our price:
Alphatec Solvex - Nitrile - Food Safe - Classic Sol-Vex Food Safe Gloves - Conforms to EN388 (4101X) and EN ISO 374: JKLOPT  - Pair - AN-37-675
SKU: AN-37-675
Our price:
Supertouch - Criss Cross Fingerless Gloves - Conforms to EN388 (3131) CE - Pair - [ST-26343]
SKU: ST-26343
Our price:
Supertouch Tig Welder's Gauntlet Tan/White - Conforms to EN 388 (2121) EN407 (41XX4X) BS EN12477 (Type A1) BS EN420 (Type A1) BS EN1149-2 - Pair - [ST-P20763]
SKU: ST-P20763
Our price:
PVC - UCI Alaska GT Cold Resistant Gauntlet - Conforms to EN388 (4121) EN511 (111) EN374-2, EN374-3 - Pair - [UC-T3030GT]
Our price:
Supertouch - Clear Industrial Powderfree Vinyl Gloves - FOOD SAFE 2002/72/EC - Box of 50 Pairs - ST-11201
SKU: ST-11201
Our price:
Wondergrip Blue Oil Guard Glove - Water, Liquid and Oil Resistance - Pair - Conforms to EN388 - MC-WG-528L
Our price:
Supertouch - Blue Industrial & Medical  Powdered Vinyl Gloves - FOOD SAFE 2002/72/EC - Box of 50 Pairs - ST-11011
SKU: ST-11011
Our price:
Supertouch - Natural Industrial Powdered Latex Gloves - FOOD SAFE 2002/72/EC - Box of 50 Pairs - ST-10501
SKU: ST-10501
Our price:
Nitrile - EXTRA LONG 41cm Premium Semi Disposable Gloves - Food Safe - Conforms to EN388 (4002) and EN374-2/3 - UC-RNF-20
Our price:
Ansell - 58-430 Alphatec Nitrile Glove - Conforms to EN374 and EN388 (3001) - Pair - AN-58-430
SKU: AN-58-430
Our price:
Supreme TTF Disposable Black Nitrile Powder Free Gloves - Box of 100 - [HT-KALO4.5]
Our price:
Nitrile - Food Safe - Ansell Edmont 37-185 Sol-Vex Gloves - Conforms to EN388 (4102X) and EN374-2-3 - (Pair) - AN-37-185
SKU: AN-37-185
Our price:
Nitrile - MaxiDry Drivers Style Liquid Proof Assembly Glove - Conforms to EN388 (4111) & EN374-1 - Pair - ATG-56-426
SKU: ATG-56-426
Our price:
Portwest - A801 - Double Dipped Latex Gauntlet - Yellow/Blue - Conforms to EN 374 EN 388 EN 420 - Pair - [PW-A801Y4R]
Our price:
Portwest - A810 - Nitrosafe Chemical Gauntlet - Green - Conforms to  AS/NZS 2161 EN 374 EN 388 EN 420 - Pair - [PW-A810GNR]
Our price:
Portwest - A835 - Double Dipped PVC Gauntlet 35cm - Green - Conforms to AS/NZS 2161 EN 374 EN 388 EN 420 - Pair - [PW-A835GNR]
Our price:
Portwest - A845 - Double Dipped PVC Gauntlet 45cm - Green - Conforms to AS/NZS 2161 EN 374 EN 388 EN 420 -Pair - [PW-A845GNR]
Our price:
Portwest - A880 - Trawlmaster 30cm Gauntlet - Blue - Conforms to AS/NZS 2161 .2 EN 388 EN 420 - Pair - [PW-A880BLU]
Our price:
Portwest - A881 - Marine Ultra PVC Chem Gauntlet -  Blue - Conforms to EN 374 EN 388 EN 420  - Pair - [PW-A881BLU]
Our price:
Portwest - A882 - ESD PVC Chemical Gauntlet - Black - Conforms to EN 16350 IEC 61340 EN 374 EN 388 EN 420 - Pair - [PW-A882BKR]
Our price:
Portwest - AP60 - Sandy Grip Lite Gauntlet - Blue/Black - Conforms to AS/NZS 2161 .2 EN 374 EN 388 EN 420 - Pair - [PW-AP60B8R]
Our price:
Portwest - AP90 - Chemtherm Glove - Purple/Black - Conforms to AS/NZS 2161 .2 EN 374 EN 388 EN 420 EN 511 - Pair - [PW-AP90U8R]
Our price:
Ansell 69-318 TouchNTuff - Natural Rubber Latex Glove - Food Safe - Powder-Free - Textured Finish - Conforms to EN374 - Box of 100 Pairs - AN-69-318
SKU: AN-69-318
Our price:
PVC - Polyco Long John Gauntlet - Red/Green - Conforms to EN388 (4121) and EN374-2-3 - Pair - [BM-3413]
SKU: BM-3413
Our price:
Ansell - 93-843 Microflex Disposable Food Safe Gloves - Conforms to EN374-3 and EN374-2 - Pack of 100 - AN-93-843
SKU: AN-93-843
Our price:
Ansell 92-500 Touch N Tuff Nitrile Powdered Disposable Gloves - Conforms to EN 374 - Box of 100 - AN-92-500
SKU: AN-92-500
Our price:
Aurelia Delight Blue PF Powder Free Vinyl Examination Gloves - MB-38997
SKU: MB-38997
Our price:
Aurelia Velocity Powder-Free Latex Gloves - MB-88264
SKU: MB-88264
Our price:
Ansell 92-600 TouchNTuff Green Powder Free Silicone Free Disposable Gloves - Conforms to EN374 - Box of 100 - AN-304575
SKU: AN-304575
Our price:
Nitrile - Ansell 92-665 Touch N Tuff LONG Blue Powder Free Disposable Gloves - Conforms to EN374 Complex Design - Box of 100 - AN-304672
SKU: AN-304672
Our price:
Unique TPE Blue Powder Free Gloves - Box of 100 Pairs -  Conforms to EN455 Parts 1 and 2 - MB-TPE-BLUE
Our price:
Disposable Clear Vinyl Gloves - Powder Free - Conforms to EN 455 - Box of 50 Pairs - HT-CVPF
Our price:
Sealskinz - Yellow Total Waterproof Safety Ultra Grip Gloves - Conforms to EN388 (2141) & EN374-2 - Pair - SZ-121161701-701
SKU: SZ-121161701-701
Our price:
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