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Eye & Face - High Temperature Head Protection

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3M Versaflo M-307 Series Helmet Flame Resistant - Conforms to EN166-M EN397 - APF 40 - [3M-M-307]
SKU: 3M-M-307
Our price:
Honeywell - Supervizor SA660 Helmet-Mounted Visor Holder - Plastic (125g) - [HW-1002302]
SKU: HW-1002302
Our price:
Honeywell - Supervizor SV9AC/CG Clear Acetate Visor - Conforms to EN 166:2001 - [HW-1002309]
SKU: HW-1002309
Our price:
JSP - Replacement Integrated Over Moulded Anti Mist Anti Scratch KN Lens for EVO VISTAlens - Conforms to EN170 - [JS-AMV100-000-000]
SKU: JS-AMV100-000-000
Our price:
Phoenix Flame Retardant Antistatic Navy Balaclava - Conforms to EN ISO 11612:2015, EN 61482-1-2:2007(CLASS 1) & EN 61482-1-1:2009 (Ebt=5.9 Cal/cm2) - Single - [FU-HT041-000-024]
SKU: FU-HT041-000-024
Our price:
Honeywell - Supervizor SB600 Browguard with Ratchet Headband - [HW-1002297]
SKU: HW-1002297
Our price:
Honeywell - Supervizor SA66 Helmet-Mounted Visor Holder - Metal - [HW-1002305]
SKU: HW-1002305
Our price:
Xcelcius - Black Flame Retardant Antistatic Arc Protection Balaclava - Conforms to EN11612 EN1149-5:2008 IEC 61482-2 - [PR-XARC14]
Our price:
Honeywell - Supervizor SA66M Helmet-Mounted Visor Holder - For Use With 1002337 Metal Mesh Screen - [HW-1002304]
SKU: HW-1002304
Our price:
Honeywell - Supervizor SV9TC3WP Shade 3 Triacetate Visor - 200mm - Helmet Sold Separately - [HW-1002321]
SKU: HW-1002321
Our price:
Honeywell - Supervizor SV9TC5WP Shade 5 Triacetate Visor - 200mm - Helmet Sold Separately - [HW-1002323]
SKU: HW-1002323
Our price:
Honeywell - Supervizor SV9TC Clear Triacetate Visor - Conforms to EN 166:2001 - [HW-1002318]
SKU: HW-1002318
Our price:
Bollé - Chronosoft Pompier Fireproof Safety - Sealed Non-Vented - Anti-Scratch Anti-Fog Double Lens - Acetate and Polycarbonate - EN166.1.B. EN170 - [BO-CHROKADESI]
Our price:


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