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Deb Pure Restore (Formerly Deb Restore/Restore Plus) - 1 Litre Cartridge - For The Green Step 3 Restore Dispenser - [DE-RES1L]
Conditioning cream for Use at the End of Each Work Period to Help Maintain Healthy Skin and Avoid Dryness - 548315
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Product Details

  • Long Lasting Effect - Corneometer test shows an increased residual moisture level of 64% 1 hour after application of the product
  • Continues to enhance skin condition long after application
  • Contains Glycerin, Allantoin and Shea Butter - Excellent matrix of emollient and conditioning ingredients to help promote good skin condition
  • Non-Greasy Formula - Pleasant after-feel encourages appropriate usage and compliance with skin safety
  • Provides a Remedial Action - Encourages the natural repairing of damaged skin
  • Perfume-Free and Dye-Free Formulation - Minimises the potential for allergic reaction and is suitable for use in any environment, including where food is being handled
  • Anti-Irritant Properties - Helps prevent irritation from moderately aggressive substances and reduces the risk of allergies
  • Effective Formula - Skin hydration test shows that even after washing the skin's natural hydration level is maintained
  • Insulates and Hydrates Skin - Helps the skin's natural moisture to be retained and promotes healthy skin  
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