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Head protection is required in almost every industry where there is a risk of being injured by falling objects, collapsing structures or protruding extensions or when working in areas of restricted head space. Choosing the correct head protection or hard hat is one of the most important decisions you will make when working in Construction and Industry where there is the risk of objects falling on the head. Safety helmets should be replaced at any sign of damage from cuts, scratches or abusive use.

Sub Categories
Value Range Head ProtectionAll Hard HatsAttachments for Hard HatsAll Vented Helmets
Value Range Head Protection

All Hard Hats

Attachments for Hard Hats

All Vented Helmets

All Non-vented HelmetsAll Slip Ratchet HelmetsShort Peak Hard HatsReflective Hard Hats
All Non-vented Helmets

All Slip Ratchet Helmets

Short Peak Hard Hats

Reflective Hard Hats

Linesman Hard HatsPre Printed Hard HatsAll Lightweight Helmets Including the New JSP Evo LiteHead Protection All Comfort Helmets
Linesman Hard Hats

Pre Printed Hard Hats

All Lightweight Helmets Including the New JSP Evo Lite

Head Protection All Comfort Helmets

All Twist Lock Helmets  Ladies Head Protection and Hard HatsHead Protection - Advanced Combat HelmetsHead Protection - Forestry Protection
All Twist Lock Helmets

Ladies Head Protection and Hard Hats

Head Protection - Advanced Combat Helmets

Head Protection - Forestry Protection

EN 12492 Extreme Height / Mountaineering HelmetsHigh Temperature Head ProtectionBadged HatsSweatbands
EN 12492 Extreme Height / Mountaineering Helmets

High Temperature Head Protection

Badged Hats


Helmet LinersHead Protection - Bump CapsSoft Head ProtectionElectric Arc Flash Head Protection
Helmet Liners

Head Protection - Bump Caps

Soft Head Protection

Electric Arc Flash Head Protection

Miners HelmetsClimax Head ProtectionJSP Safety Head ProtectionEVO Range
Miners Helmets

Climax Head Protection

JSP Safety Head Protection

EVO Range

Centurion Head ProtectionConceptScott ProtectorDeltaPlus Head Protection
Centurion Head Protection


Scott Protector

DeltaPlus Head Protection

3M Hard Hats & Head Safety Protection SuppliesMSA Head ProtectionKASK Head ProtectionXenith Head Protection
3M Hard Hats & Head Safety Protection Supplies

MSA Head Protection

KASK Head Protection

Xenith Head Protection

Portwest Head ProtectionAlpha Solway Head ProtectionAll Yellow Hard HatsAll Blue Hard Hats
Portwest Head Protection

Alpha Solway Head Protection

All Yellow Hard Hats

All Blue Hard Hats

All White Hard HatsAll Orange Hard HatsAll Black Hard HatsAll Red Hard Hats
All White Hard Hats

All Orange Hard Hats

All Black Hard Hats

All Red Hard Hats

All Green Hard HatsAll Other Colours Hard HatsHelmet Instruction Signs
All Green Hard Hats

All Other Colours Hard Hats

Helmet Instruction Signs

Head Protection

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