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STOCK: Global supply chains have been greatly disrupted and demand for safety products have increased. Our usually reliable stock system is under strain. We will always attempt to supply your order or upgrade your order if stock is unavailable. If we cannot supply your order we will refund your payment. Please bear with us during this challenging time.

MASKS and HAND SANITISATION: Due to current world demand for masks we are able to offer only the N95 and medical masks for Export. Please click here.
DELIVERY: Our current delivery option is BEST PRICE delivery option. Our STANDARD, NEXT DAY, SAME DAY, SATURDAY and COLLECTION delivery services are temporarily suspended. We hope to resume normal service very shortly.

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The Safety Supply Company Team 
A disposable face mask is designed to protect from a number of commonly found respiratory hazards, particularly dust particles. Our moulded masks offer high user comfort. Many are also fitted with an exhale valve which increases user comfort and decreases CO2 and heat build up within the product. A disposable mask is a one shift only item designed to be disposed of correctly after a maximum of eight hours use. As well as disposable masks we also offer a wide variety of semi disposable and reusable half and full face masks as well as battery operated protection for longer duration use or more hazardous environments.

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Reusable FFP MaskNuisance Carbon Disposable MasksN95 And Medical Masks For Export Press to Check
Reusable FFP Mask

Nuisance Carbon Disposable Masks

N95 And Medical Masks For Export

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Maintenance Free Semi Disposable Masks - No Need to Keep COSHH RecordsHalf Mask Respirators With Changeable FiltersAll Full Face Masks (Non-Powered)All Powered Masks
Maintenance Free Semi Disposable Masks - No Need to Keep COSHH Records

Half Mask Respirators With Changeable Filters

All Full Face Masks (Non-Powered)

All Powered Masks

Fresh Air SystemsFilterSpecPlastic-Net Disposable MasksAirfed Range
Fresh Air Systems


Plastic-Net Disposable Masks

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Stealth Safety Respirators

Moldex Respirators

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Scott Respirators


Willson Respirators

Trend Routing Technology

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Elipse Respirators

Sundstrom Respirators


Ultimate Industrial

JSP RespiratorsPortwest RespiratorsAir + Smart MasksMartindale Respiratory
JSP Respirators

Portwest Respirators

Air + Smart Masks

Martindale Respiratory

Alpha SolwayHoneywell NorthFace Fit Testing KitsFace Fit Testing Spares
Alpha Solway

Honeywell North

Face Fit Testing Kits

Face Fit Testing Spares

Colour Coded MasksAll Filters and Filter CartridgesRespiratory SignageEscape Respirators
Colour Coded Masks

All Filters and Filter Cartridges

Respiratory Signage

Escape Respirators



Respiratory Protection

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Generic Fold Flat - N95 Approved - Brand May Vary - [FA-9030]
SKU: FA-9030
Our price:
Generic Moulded Mask  - N95 Approved - Brand May Vary - [FA-M10]
Our price:
Sosega N95 Black Disposable Mask - Conforms to N95 Standard - Single - [FA-130760]
SKU: FA-130760
Our price:
Sosega N95 White Disposable Mask - Conforms to N95 Standard - Single - [FA-130700]
SKU: FA-130700
Our price:
JSP P2 Force 8 P2 Pre-Filter Kit for the Force 8 Mask - EN143 - Pair - [JS-BMW380-000-700]
SKU: JS-BMW380-000-700
Our price:
Drager X-Plore 8000 Blower Unit - Conforms to EN12941 - [BL-431289]
SKU: BL-431289
Our price:
Quattro Premium Luxury - 2-Ply Soft Toilet Rolls - Pack of 4 - [HF-QTS2P]
Our price:
Antibacterial Hand Sanitiser Spray - 350ml Spray Bottle - [MB-HANDSANIT]
Our price:
Astonish Kitchen Cleaner - Zesty Lemon Scent - 750ml - Box 12 - [MB-C9618]
SKU: MB-C9618
Our price:
3M - 9010 Disposable Respirator Mask - Confroms to N95 Standard - Single - [FA-9010]
SKU: FA-9010
Our price:
3M - 9923 P2 Disposable Respirator Mask - Single - [FA-9923]
SKU: FA-9923
Our price:
3M Peel-Off Visor Covers for all 3M M-Type Faceshields - Pack of 10 - [3M-M-928]
SKU: 3M-M-928
Our price:
3M - Versaflo Forehead Seal - For Use With the M-106 & M-107 Headtops - [3M-M-154]
SKU: 3M-M-154
Our price:
Honeywell - A2 P3 Aluminium Housing Filter - [HW-1783010]
SKU: HW-1783010
Our price:
North - N7700 Class 2 Half Mask - Conforms to EN 140 - [HW-N65770015]
SKU: HW-N65770015
Our price:
North - Primair - Conforms to EN 121941 - [HW-A114110]
SKU: HW-A114110
Our price:
3M - Single Station Intelligent Battery Charger for 3M Jupiter Turbo Unit - [3M-CHG-02]
SKU: 3M-CHG-02
Our price:
North - Junior A-VL - Conforms to EN 12 9421 - [HW-A114106]
SKU: HW-A114106
Our price:
North - Compact Air System - Conforms to EN 12941 - [HW-A150102-00]
SKU: HW-A150102-00
Our price:
Satinsoft Moist Toilet Wipes 80s - [MB-Y3472]
SKU: MB-Y3472
Our price:
Drager X-Plore 8000 Comfort Pad for X-Plore Blower - [BL-431293]
SKU: BL-431293
Our price:
3M Versaflo Battery Charging Cradle For TR-600 System - [3M-TR-640]
SKU: 3M-TR-640
Our price:
Drager X-Plore 8000 Standard Belt for X-Plore Blower - [BL-431291]
SKU: BL-431291
Our price:
Drager X-Plore 8000 Storage Box - Conforms to EN166.1.B.9.3 and EN397 - [BL-431324]
SKU: BL-431324
Our price:
Gentex PureFlo 1000 Lightweight Half Mask - GX-PF1000-HM
Our price:
3M - Versaflo Comfort Low-Linting Faceseal - [3M-M-936]
SKU: 3M-M-936
Our price:
3M - Versaflo Coated Visor - Polycarbonate - For M-Series Headtops - [3M-M-927]
SKU: 3M-M-927
Our price:
Gentex PureFlo ESM + PF33 PAPR Modular Powered Air Purifying Respirator Kit - [GX-PF33ESM]
Our price:
3M™ Jupiter™ IS Battery Pack And Pouch Kit - 4 Hour Battery - [3M-3M-0851200P]
SKU: 3M-0851200P
Our price:
Sundstrom - SR221 PREFILTERS - For Sundstrom SR100 Mask - Pack of 5 - [SH-L10022E]
SKU: SH-L10022E
Our price:

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