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The TRAFFIGLOVE® range uses colour as the solution to clearly identify the Cut Protection Level provided by each glove, as shown below.

RED GLOVES CUT LEVEL 1 Lower Cut Risk Tasks

AMBER GLOVES CUT LEVEL 3 Medium Cut Risk Tasks

GREEN GLOVES CUT LEVEL 5 Higher Cut Risk Tasks

The TRAFFIGLOVE® range offers maximum abrasion levels in all 3 glove colours. TRAFFIGLOVE® enables Safety Managers to implement and control their Companies’ glove policy. They can instantly recognise – from a distance – if the workforce is adequately protected against Cut for the task being accomplished.

Complies with Requirements of

TraffiGlove Cut Level 1

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TraffiGlove Motion Handling Gloves - TS-TG165
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TraffiGlove TraffiTherm Seamless Knitted Safety Gloves - [TS-TG105]
Our price:
TraffiGlove 3 Digit Exposed Fingertips Gloves - TS-TG1020
SKU: TS-TG1020
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TraffiGlove Classic 1 PU Coated Red Gloves - TS-TG1010
SKU: TS-TG1010
Our price:
TraffiGlove Contour Fully Coated Gloves - TS-TG190
Our price:
TraffiGlove Centric 1 Handling Rubber Coating Gloves - TS-TG1050
SKU: TS-TG1050
Our price:
Traffiglove Biodegradable Nitrile Microfoam Gloves - TS-TG1900
SKU: TS-TG1900
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TraffiGlove Nitrile Coated Glove - EN388 (4121) Cut Level 1 - Pair - TS-TG1170
SKU: TS-TG1170
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TraffiGlove Morphic 1 MicroDex Ultra Coating Gloves - TS-TG1140
SKU: TS-TG1140
Our price:
TraffiGlove Super Lightweight Gloves - TS-TG1290
SKU: TS-TG1290
Our price:
TraffiGlove Active Seamless Knitted Red Nylon Gloves - TS-TG180
Our price:
TraffiGlove X-Dura Nitrile and Moisture Resistance Gloves - TS-NGT1060
Our price:
TraffiGlove High Performing 15gg Gloves - Pair - TS-TG1240
SKU: TS-TG1240
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TraffiGlove Chemical Protect Gloves - TS-TG1080
SKU: TS-TG1080
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TraffiGlove Metric 3 Exposed Fingertips Gloves - TS-TG1220
SKU: TS-TG1220
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