An aerosol spray is a colloid of minute liquescent droplets or solid particles in a gas. Colloquially, aerosol usually refers to an aerosol spray that delivers a consumer product from a can or similar container. Although the concept of aerosol probably goes back as far back as 1790, the first patent for an aerosol spray can was granted in Oslo in 1926 to Erik Rotheim, a Norwegian chemical engineer and a United States patent was granted for the innovation in 1931. The Safety Supply Company has assembled a range of useful aerosol products that are essential to safety and industry alike.  

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Great Value RangeAmbersilAction CanRust-Oleum
Great Value Range


Action Can


FoodConstruction, Plant & AgricultureLocal Government SectorsTransport

Construction, Plant & Agriculture

Local Government Sectors


Production & ManufacturingService EngineersHome, Sports & LeisureMetal Working
Production & Manufacturing

Service Engineers

Home, Sports & Leisure

Metal Working

Warehouse, Janitorial & CleaningAdhesiveCleaners / DegreasersAnti-Rust Paint
Warehouse, Janitorial & Cleaning


Cleaners / Degreasers

Anti-Rust Paint

Car CareLubricantsFirst Aid SpraysPaints
Car Care


First Aid Sprays


MiscellaneousVALUE Paper and Centre Feed

VALUE Paper and Centre Feed

Aerosol and Sprays

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