A wet wipe used by business may take the form of an industrial wipe or cleansing hygiene wipe. It is a small dampened piece of paper or cloth that may come folded, individually wrapped or from a tub dispenser for convenience. Industrial-strength cleaning wipes are pre-impregnated with strong cleaning solution that cuts through the grime as the high performance textile soaks up the residue. Industrial wipes have the capacity to clean a large range of substances that are attached to hands, equipment, tools and other surfaces. They will remove dirt including, grease, grime, oil- & water-based paints, tar, silicone and acrylic sealants, adhesives, poly foam, epoxy, oil, and more. Sanitary and hygiene wipes are ready to use sanitation products which have been previously permeated with alcohol, water and other active ingredients to be used dermatological.  Their advantage is that they are simple to transport, easy to keep sanitised and once used, convenient to dispose of with the contaminate or other undesirable elements. Some wipes are both industrial and sanitary. The Safety Supply Company has assembled a range of useful wipe products that are essential to safety and industry alike.  

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