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Clear Sticky Tape - 1 Inch - 24mm x 40m - Pack of 6 - [AF-5010003280373]
SKU: AF-5010003280373
Our price:
Polypropylene Acrylic Packaging Tape - Clear - 48mm x 66mtr - [EM-1130CL48X66P]
SKU: EM-1130CL48X66P
Our price:
Rolls Clear Sellotape Clear Packing Supplies Stationary Tape  - 40m x 24mm - Pack of 12 -  [AF-5060287977063]
SKU: AF-5060287977063
Our price:
Tape Gun Dispenser with Two Free Roll of Tape - [AF-5024418400684]
SKU: AF-5024418400684
Our price:
Draper - Good Quality 66M x 50MM Packing Tape Roll - [DO-63388]
SKU: DO-63388
Our price:
Silverline - Masking Tape - 50mm x 50m - 145mic Peel Adhesion=6.5N/25mm - [SI-187954]
SKU: SI-187954
Our price:
Brown Buff Tape - 48mm x 40m - Resistant to Diluted Acids and Alkalies - Pack of 6 Rolls - [AF-5010003280403]
SKU: AF-5010003280403
Our price:
Pack of 8 - Mini Solid Tape - Clear - [AF-5012128384424]
SKU: AF-5012128384424
Our price:

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