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Insulated Knifes

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Boddingtons - Premium Insulated Cable Knife - Heavy Duty Blade - [BD-104050]
SKU: BD-104050
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Draper 200mm Fully Insulated Cable Knife - [DO-04615]
SKU: DO-04615
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Boddingtons - Premium Insulated Cable Coring Knife - Curved Blade - [BD-104060]
SKU: BD-104060
Our price:
Boddingtons Electrical Heavy Duty 210mm Hack Cable Knife - 32mm Blade Depth - 190mm Overall Length - 90mm Blade Length - [BD-283002]
SKU: BD-283002
Our price:
Boddingtons Electrical Insulated VDE Cable Jointers Knife - With Replaceable Steel Blade and Blade Protection - [BD-281510]
SKU: BD-281510
Our price:
Boddingtons Electrical Insulated VDE Cable Knife with Insulated Blade - Including Blade Cover - [BD-281310]
SKU: BD-281310
Our price:
Boddingtons Electrical Non Conductive Insulating Plastic HEPNYF Hack Knife - 245mm Overall Length - [BD-JTN-4]
Our price:
Boddingtons Electrical Non-Conductive Insulating Plastic Coring Knife - 196mm Overall Length - [BD-JTN-6]
Our price:
ITL - Insulated Coring Knife - Curved Blade - [IT-01830]
SKU: IT-01830
Our price:
ITL - Insulated Hacking Knife - With Ergonomic Handle - [IT-01840]
SKU: IT-01840
Our price:
ITL - Insulated Nylon Hacking Knife - [IT-01845]
SKU: IT-01845
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